Rehearsal Protocol

Exeter Chamber Choir – Rehearsal Protocol (July 2017)


  • If members are aware that they won’t be able to sing in a concert they are asked to advise the Secretary as soon as that information is available.
  • Members are sometimes requested to advise on their availability but this should not override the obligation to let the Committee know of a projected absence once known.
  • Members are encouraged to participate in the full programme of the choir and not pick and choose the music they would prefer to sing. The Musical Director selects the programme in the interests of developing a range of skills and musical experience.
  • Members are welcome to attend rehearsals even if not singing in the concert but are asked to withdraw for the last two rehearsals so the balance of the choir that will be in attendance can be observed and adjusted if necessary.


  • An attendance register is kept – if you are unable to attend a rehearsal an email to the Secretary and Chairman or a phone message to the Secretary would be appreciated.
  • Please arrive promptly and be ready to sing at the scheduled start.
  • A minimum attendance is expected of members – this will vary according to the complexity of the music and the experience of the singer – but as a rough guide 80% of rehearsals should be attended.
  • The final say as to whether a singer is sufficiently well prepared and competent to take part in all (or part) of the concert will be made by the Musical Director.
  • A warning will be given 2 weeks before a concert if the Director feels a member is not ready to perform a specific piece or the whole programme – giving the singer a final rehearsal to convince that they are sufficiently prepared.


Members are encouraged to …

  • Have the score in their head NOT their head in the score.
  • Listen more and talk less.
  • Arrive on time to participate in a warm-up.
  • Learn the notes early and listen to recordings – notes will be assumed to have been learnt after 3 rehearsals.
  • Be prepared to sing scrambled – the choir will be forewarned when this will happen.