Rules of the Society (August 2017)


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  1. The Constitution and the Rules

1.1. These Rules apply to the conduct of business of Exeter Chamber Choir (“the Society”).

1.2. The trustees of the Society (“the trustees”) have made these Rules under section 12 of the Society’s Constitution.

1.3. The trustees may change these rules by resolution at any duly convened committee meeting.


  1. Management Committee and Music Director

2.1. The members of the management committee (“the committee”) will be the Officers and up to three additional members.

2.2. The members of the society in a general meeting will elect the Officers. The members of the society in a general meeting will elect the number of additional committee members necessary to fill any vacancies. The committee will decide how to allocate the additional committee roles and the tasks of managing and administering the society between its members.

2.3. The committee will appoint, by way of a letter of appointment and written contract. a Music Director who will be an ex officio non-voting member of the committee and who may attend all committee meetings in line with section 10 (13) of the Society’s Constitution.


  1. Terms for Trustees

3.1..In accordance with section 7.3 of the Constitution, one-third of the trustees shall be required to resign, with the option of being re-elected, using the following rotation:

Year 1 2017 Treasurer and Committee member (Publicity)

Year 2 2018 Chairman and Committee member (Librarian)

Year 3 2019 Secretary and Committee member (1)


  1. Membership of the society

4.1. Applications to join the choir are required to be in writing and will usually be received by email and written to the Secretary.

4.2. The Music Director, in consultation with the committee, will then decide if he/she wishes to invite the applicant to attend an audition. After the audition the committee will make a decision, advised by the Music Director, concerning the application.

4.3. If the decision made is to decline the applicant after the audition then the Secretary will inform that person in writing, usually by email.

4.4. If the decision is made to accept the applicant after the audition then the Secretary will inform them in writing about the time and date that rehearsals commence and also about the venue. (Appendix 1: Choir Rehearsal Protocol)

4.5. A successful applicant will be deemed to be on probation until his or her membership of the choir is confirmed.

4.6. The probationer will then attend choir rehearsals for a trial period until the next concert and no fees will be expected to be paid during this period.

(Appendices 2 and 3: Choir Concert Protocol and Concert Dress Protocol)

4.7. After this period the committee, advised by the Music Director, will make a formal decision either to decline their application or to invite them to become a permanent member of the choir.

4.8. The applicant will then be informed of the decision in writing by the Secretary who will copy this letter to the Chairman and Treasurer. This letter will also refer to the Constitution and Rules of the society copies of which are posted on the Members Only section of the society’s website.

4.9. If accepted, the Secretary’s letter will be a formal letter of welcome to the new member and the Treasurer will arrange for the payment of choir fees.

4.10. The Secretary will be the officer responsible for keeping a register of names and contact details of members of the Society.

4.11. On the advice of the Music Director, the trustees may from time to time suspend applications for membership in one or more voice parts of the choir in order to maintain a proper choral balance.


  1. Reviews

5.1. Members of the Society will be required from time to time to attend reviews with the Music Director in order to confirm their level of musical ability.

5.2. The choir Chairman will also attend these reviews as an observer.

5.3. Prior to a review, members may be required to complete a review form and their responses will also form part of the review discussion. (Appendix 4: Review form)

5.4. The Music Director may make specific recommendations to the member in the light of the review process eg. the appropriacy of taking singing lessons or moving to a different voice part within the choir.

5.5. When review forms are completed by all members of the choir as part of the review process then the Chairman will collate and précis these responses anonymously for the benefit of the committee and choir members.

5.6. This summary will be used to inform committee policy decisions.


  1. Membership Subscriptions

6.1. The trustees will set annual subscription rates and specify acceptable payment methods and the dates by which payments must be made.

6.2. The Treasurer will communicate any changes in rates, methods and dates to existing members before the start of the Autumn Term.

6.3. Members will pay subscriptions in advance according to the rates and instalment payments in force.


  1. Communication with Members

7.1. The trustees may communicate with members on routine practical matters at scheduled rehearsals and by electronic communications.

7.2. The trustees will make all reasonable efforts to seek the views of members on matters affecting their participation in and support for the activities of the Society. This will include but not be limited to: consultation at scheduled rehearsals and electronic communications including online polls.