Spirituals for the Summer Concerts

For those who have missed initial rehearsals and would like to do some homework, the spirituals which are on Andrew’s current shortlist are:


Bartholomew, Little innocent lamb (p. 70)*

Burleigh, My Lord, what a mornin’ (p. 19)*

Dett, Listen to the lambs (p. 3)*

Hairston, Amen (p. 116) – 1st Sops and 1st Tenors on the solo line*

King, I want God’s heaven to be mine (p. 136)

McLin, Don’t you let nobody turn you ’round (p. 184)

Thomas, Keep your lamps! (p. 147)*

Whalum, The lily of the valley (p. 141)*


*already practised in the first 2 rehearsals