Voice Reviews 2016-17

Dear Choir Members

The committee is aware that there has been some talk among some of you about what used to be called  re-auditioning or appraisal – we prefer to consider such meetings a ‘review’.

The committee has been mindful of the need for something like this for some time and has been exploring what form these might take and how often they need to be arranged. Our considered view is that such meetings should be a dialogue between Andrew, our director, and yourself. Andrew has expectations of us but we also have expectations of him. Such a review should be an opportunity for honest feedback on both sides and a chance to acknowledge positive things and address any areas of concern.

Obviously your voice would be the central focus of this conversation but it could also consider the following both from yours and Andrew’s perspective:

  • Your blend within the choir and your own section
  • Your thoughts and feelings about singing in sections or singing scrambled
  • How your voice is changing as you age
  • Your commitment to the choir, including rehearsal attendance and repertoire
  • The question of ‘homework’ in respect of learning the notes
  • How you experience each other both musically and ‘personally’

Our proposal is that the reviews should commence this Autumn and be spread over three years:

  • 2016/17 Sopranos
  • 2017/18 Tenors and Basses
  • 2018/19 Altos

At the beginning of the Autumn term Andrew will display a list of designated 30 minute slots from which you can choose a time to suit you. Andrew will conduct these reviews at his own house in his music room – we felt that one extra journey for you every 3 years was not too onerous in terms of your time. Each person will have a 30 minute review which might need to be minuted for both parties

by the Chair of the choir who will also be present.  In certain circumstances there may be an agreement that specific actions need to be taken by either party.

The committee want these reviews to be relaxed and informal but, at the same, taken seriously as an important developmental part of being a member of Exeter Chamber Choir. We have agreed to pay Andrew for these reviews and consider it an important and very worthwhile choir expenditure.

Best wishes,

Bruce Hebbard  (Chair)